Half Hour Comedy Series – In Development

With Don Ferguson Productions.

Hardly Men follows the lives of Peter and Chris, a mystery solving duo pursuing their childhood dreams of becoming true detectives. It’s a series about the fear of growing up and having adult problems thrust upon you — all through the eyes of these two wannabe detectives.

This wide-eyed and innocent crime-fighting duo were the best in the business…when they were kids. Solving all of the neighbourhood mysteries in their small town, these two were the modern Hardy Boys, complete with their adorable matching red and blue sweaters.  As cute as chasing ghosts were when they were children, they are slowly realizing it’s a juvenile thing for adults to do.

They’ve also realized that times have changed; Peter and Chris now they find themselves thrown into a grown up world that’s raw and real – full of vicious killers like Dexter Morgan, vast X-Files like government conspiracies and sexy detectives from CSI.

While the episodes are about solving new mysteries, the series as a whole, focuses on the relationship and chemistry between Peter and Chris; as we watch these two hapless everymen deal with growing up in the clumsy, charming and idiotic way only Peter and Chris can do.

Based on the Canadian Comedy Award-winning play Peter n’ Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel, from sketch comedy group Peter n’ Chris, this series pays homage to and parodies our favourite horror, mystery and slasher films and television shows through the comedic eyes of Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson, two award-winning comedians from Vancouver.

Created by Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson

Peter n’ Chris

Peter n’ Chris (Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson) are a Canadian Comedy Award winning, and 3 time Canadian Comedy Award Nominated sketch troupe from Vancouver BC (Best Sketch Troupe 2012/2013, and Best Comedic Play 2013). Having formed in 2009, Peter n Chris have toured the Fringe Festival and Sketch Festival circuits for the last 5 years, where their narrative driven, cinematic and extremely physical style has already earned them a following and rave reviews across Canada and the U.S. Their list of accomplishments are long: They were a headlining act and two time “Audience Choice” winners at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, won the JUST FOR LAUGHS- Best Comedy Award at the Montreal Fringe Festival consecutive years, were the official selection of the San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle Sketch Comedy Festivals and were featured at Gilda’s Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids Michigan.

The two met while getting their BFA in Acting from the University of Victoria and have been working together ever since. Together they have written 5 full length sketch comedy revues that have all individual toured to over 10 cities each (Peter n’ Chris Show, Peter n’ Chris Save the World, Peter n’ Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel, Peter n’ Chris Explore their Bodies, and Peter n Chris and the Kinda OK Corral). Each of these sketch comedy plays explores and parodies the genre of cinema while sending every day life up to absurd heights. With a focus on physical comedy and narrative, Peter n’ Chris have pushed the envelope on what sketch and theatrical comedy can be.

Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson are also contributing writer’s to the sketch comedy program The Irrelevant Show, on CBC Radio and to CBC’s comedy website Punchline.

When they aren’t touring, Chris Wilson lives in Toronto where he writes and acts in television, most notable on the second season of City TV’s prank television show Meet the Family, as well as improvising with Toronto’s narrative improv comapny Bad Dog Theatre.

Peter Carlone works regularly in Vancouver as a film editor, writer of children’s shows for Telus World of Science, and is the Artistic Director of Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival and an actor/improvisor in the city

Don Ferguson Productions

Established by award-winning comedy creator Don Ferguson, Don Ferguson Productions (DFP) is gaining an enviable reputation for nurturing new Canadian comedy talent, while teaming up with the best of Canada’s established writers, directors and producers. As the recipient of several Gemini Awards himself – not to mention the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, many ACTRA Awards, a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, and a Juno for good measure – Don Ferguson and his fellow Royal Canadian Air Farce troupers became the first Canadian inductees into the International Humour Hall of Fame in 1992.Consistently voted People’s Choice at various awards galas, the Air Farce weekly series was one of Canada’s top-rated programs; in fact, the average-per-minute audience for Air Farce’s entire TV run is over one million viewers. Co-creator of Royal Canadian Air Farce, Don Ferguson is also chief executive of the production company, overseeing every aspect of production and distribution. Consistently cited by industry colleagues as one of the nicest, hardest-working, and dedicated producers on Canadian screens, it’s safe to say that Don Ferguson has one of the best reputations in the business.