Animated Web Series – In Development

With North of Now Films

Based on the web comic “White Ninja” from Scott Bevan and Kent Earle

Based on the highly successful web comic of the same name, White Ninja follows the day-to-day adventures of our intellectually restricted and pain impervious protagonist as he interacts with turtles, peanuts and everything and anything else operating on the same mental level as himself.

White Ninja is an animated, absurdist comedy series and is the first full-length series designed to live on the Vine platform. Each episode finds our hero on a new adventure that combines the irreverence and surrealism of Monty Python’s Flying Circus with the crude, bizarre animation style of Don Hertzfeld. The series is “gag-a-day”, allowing each episode to stand on it’s own or be enjoyed through binge watching. White Ninja is at times poignant, often hilarious and always ninja.


North of Now is a Vancouver-based creative production agency specializing in digital advertising. Founded by Tyler Funk,​​​​​​ a graduate from the BFA Film Production program at the University of British Columbia, the company has directed and produced advertisements for globally renowned companies including Coca Cola, Ford, Procter & Gamble, Sears, Bud Light and more, garnering hundreds of thousands of online views worldwide.
Whiskaye Films is a boutique production company that strives to develop and produce internationally recognized and fiscally responsible properties that are in line with their mandate to tell stories that entertain and matter to them. The company most recently provided production services on the digital series Paranormal Solutions Inc. and is currently in development with Don Ferguson Productions on their half hour comedic television series Hardly Men. They are also in various stages of pre-production and development for two feature films (Prodigals and Us in Nine Months) slated to shoot in 2015.