The Visuals for Curtis Monumental’s “Turn Me Up”

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The process of making this video was very indicative of the lives David and I are living at Whiskaye right now.

While we were rehearsing for The Bomb-itty of Errors at The Arts Club Theatre Company Curtis Monumental came to Anami, David and I to see if we could work together on a video for his upcoming single. Having always wanted to work on something with Curtis directly I, obviously, jumped at the opportunity – especially when we were discussing concept for the video.

But when we started talking about when we could shoot it things got interesting.

We needed night and David and I didn’t really have many of those as all of ours were taken up with Bomb-itty shows and all of our days off were already packed with shoots (for David literally every Sunday during the run was a shoot date for him. Every. Single. One.). So in true Whiskaye fashion we told Curtis that we could shoot it on a Monday night after our early show so we could shoot until dawn and not have to worry about a matinee.

So after finishing 2 hours of non-stop shakespeare hip-hop David and I hopped in his car, grabbed some food and a coffee and drove directly to set to begin shooting at 10 PM. We shot until about 5:30 in the morning then packed it in, headed home and got a bit of rest before our 7:30 PM show the next night. The next night was probably one of our better shows.

Here is the result: