Whiskaye Films Produces Peter N’ Chris Sketch for College Humor

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We are very excited to be working with the creators of Hardly Men, Peter n’ Chris, on a short, comedic film for comedy giant College Humor. Whiskaye Films produced and Jameson Parker directed the sketch, currently titled The Price is Precise, which is now in post-production and will debut mid-2015.

The leading destination for original sketch comedy with an average of 20 million views per month and reached 2.9 billion views by September 2014. It is a great platform to show off the talents of Peter and Chris and we are excited to be a part of anything they create, as well as the opportunity to work with one of the leaders in the digital comedy world.

Head over to the production page for more info.

photo 1

(The set, designed by Kyle Sutherland)

photo 2

(Jameson directing Diana Bang in The Price is Precise sketch)